Saturday, January 12, 2013

Insyde the color of the year

PANTONE COLOR OF THE YEAR 2013 - Emerald 17-5641

According to Pantone the world renowned authority on Color (by way of my stylish friend Julia) - EMERALD is the color for 2013. Think of the possibilities! Emerald can draw you in , is easy on the eyes can go organic and elegant all at the same time. From Fabrics for Fashion or Home Fashion to nail polish and of course the eye catching jewel, this is an outstanding year round color that  is timeless. If you are inspired to pour on the Color or sprinkle it around, here are a few of my favorite things with the Famous color of the year, Enjoy your 2013 ~

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  1. Emerald-green-synomymos w/elegance,luxury-color of american currency,scale of 7.5-8 out of 10 hardness of the minerals,Superman's -Kryptonite & the Grand Emerald city of OZ...& let's not forget the luck'O th Irish...Green-nature itself...indeed!